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Ramses Rule

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Stone Cold

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Welcome to my new home on the web, as you can see it's going to be fantastic. Please stand by while we populate everything.

Ramses Egypt! New capital, new nation, new head of state for the world, and a new Pharaoh.

Ramses, first born to a minor wife of the Pharaoh of Egypt has been raised, trained, and bred to be the leader of the national army. He’s not a politician, has no patience for the royal side of things or any desire to be king. But when his father and the heir are killed in a hunting accident he’s thrust into a position he has never been trained to hold in a kingdom that is weak.

On an inspection to the main village where the special Majai come from, Ramses braces himself for just about anything and everything. He wasn’t prepared for Sheba or the sparks that fly between them.
Like himself, she is trained to protect herself, but when they go head to head with each other Sheba quickly learns that this battle might be one she cannot win. Especially when it’s the man, not the King, that she’s dealing with and the man has no problem with reminding her of that fact.

Stone Cold

Stone is a Viscela, an alien from another planet destroyed by war, and a mercenary. Along with his two blood brothers, they travel around looking for work and end up stumbling upon something they were not expecting.

Lena Kelly and her sister Mya are on the run from their brother and need help. Luck lands them a set of three Viscela’s and one in particular has caught Lena’s eye.

The very second Stone sees Lena a strange pull begins to form deep within him. A pull that gets stronger and stronger with each passing day. When the pull becomes too much for either one and they act on it their world is changed in ways neither could ever have been prepared. When Stone’s past comes crashing back however, everything he holds dear is in jeopardy of being taken away from him forever. Lena included


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