Keegan's Battle: A Tailifers Tale

Keegan's Battle

A Taillefer's Novel

Keegan Saqr is a Taillefers runt. He has yet to experience the metamorphosis that all Taillefers must complete. With the threat of war all over the galaxy, he needs to have the strength to fight, to defend his home and the people he loves. He longs for his body to equal the size of his heart and his courage.

Zhora Draven has been invited to her best friend’s wedding on the planet Drudent. Her father, a General in the Galactic army is never home, leaving Zhora alone most of the time, so this trip is a welcome vacation. She never imagines she’ll meet the man of her dreams. A Taillefer.

And wouldn’t you know it. Just when they're getting to know each other, the galactic war lands on their doorsteps.

What happens next is Taillefers history...

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