Planets 1: Interplanetary Passions

Interplanetary Passions

Book One

Jovan Maki, a Pluto man and popular winemaker, has spent most all of his life making a name for himself on both Pluto and on Earth. He’s also given up on ever finding the one woman that can bring him to life once more. Losing himself in work has been the only thing to help with the loneliness, but even that is starting to slowly take a toll on him. Persuaded by his best friend to take some time off and enjoy the city wasn’t something he wanted to do, but in the end was the best thing for him. His body returns to life, bringing him to his knees with desire so powerful he almost fears it. Making the call for the test is easy, coming to terms with his needs, not so much.

Nichelle Fender has always wanted to go to Pluto, but her father has forbidden it. He’s done everything he can to make sure she never sets foot on the planet. But if she wants to get away from his control and go to school she has to go to Pluto at least once. Now married to Jovan, she struggles to deal with this sudden attraction she has for him, and deal with the fear of what her father might do once he gets the news. Jovan is everything she could ever want in a partner and so much more, but is he strong enough to face up to a deal with her father, one that could destroy everything.

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