Ramses Rule

Ramses Rule

Book One

End of days. That is what it was called the day Earth reset itself. An apocalyptic event so huge that when things began to settle down, only one country stood out from the rest and began to rebuild—turning the old into new.

Ramses, first born to a minor wife of the Pharaoh of Egypt has been raised, trained, and bred to be the leader of the new army. He’s not a politician, has no patience for the royal side of things or any desire to be king. But when his father and older brother were killed in a hunting accident he was thrust into a position he was never trained to hold.

Sheba has loved Ramses since she was a little girl. Only problem is, he has never seen her for anything more than the daughter of his teacher. His one and only focus had been her sister. But when the new Pharaoh comes to collect his bride, he ends up leaving with one he never saw.

Crowned King comes with many new changes and responsibilities. Stepping into his father’s shoes and discovering firsthand how hard it is to be in charge of most of the world ends up being one of the hardest things Ramses has ever had to do. Knowing who to trust is almost impossible.

No one ever said being King was easy, and Ramses is getting a crash course. You also don’t get what you want either, no matter if you have a crown on your head or not.

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